Big Surprise!!! A I’ll admit a little disappointing, because it is such a nice coat!!!

The Duchess of Cambridge choose a Jesire coat dress for the opening of the Lucian Freud exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery.

According to The Guardian “Paintings of people were central to Lucian Freud’s work and the National Portrait Gallery’s major exhibition, spanning over 70 years, is the first to focus on his portraiture. Freud painted his family, friends and lovers, referring to his models as ‘the people in his life”.

The exhitbion runs from February 9th to May 27th, with tickets selling at £15.40

And now onto the fashion… and while I can hear the fashion critics hating on this outfit already, I still am loving it!  It is simple, chic, particle and actually quiet brilliant (she didn’t have to worry about taking her coat off while in the gallery, nor about being cold while outside!) and something any lady can wear!  Pairing the coat with a fabulous little belt, gave the outfit just that little bit extra.


This was Kate’s first official solo appearance as a member of the Royal Family and she did not disappoint.  Not only was her choice in fashion spot on, but she looked confident and poised during the entire evening.

via The Daily Mail

While many women in her same position often go the more glamorous route for these types of events, the Duchess showed her thrifty chic side by opting for a piece by – now defunct – fashion brand Jesire.
The double-breasted grey three-quarter sleeve coat, has a fabulous fun neckline and just enough body at the bottom to be pulled off as a dress and a coat.

For her accessories, Kate choose her Asprey pendant (seen for the first time on Canada Day in Ottawa).  The 167 Button Pendant retails of $3,750 and remains available online.

Her beautiful diamond bracelet (which has become a staple for many of her outings) and her black Jimmy Choo Cosmic Pumps (which stand at a height of 5 inches!)  The shoes are still available online for $695.

via The Daily Mail

I also had to share this video (it’s a bit long, I know!).  Not only does it show the craziness that surrounds the Duchess (not sure how she can still see with all the flashes going off!) when she is out on official (and non-official engagements).  It also shows how relaxed, pleasant and down to earth she really is.  You can see her engaging in conversation with everyone, always smiling and enjoying herself.  So fabulous!