After a glamorous (and public) Holiday season, followed by a very important birthday, a new photo has emerged of The Duke and Duchess enjoying a romantic stroll on the beach in their home town of Anglesey, Wales.  And… it looks like they have a new addition!

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The adorable little pup (looks like a black lab) is rumoured to be either a gift from Kate’s brother James for her birthday or a Christmas gift from her husband!  Either way, he/she is super cute!

Kate kept warm during her beach side stroll in a Barbour Shaped Liddesdale Jacket.  The jacket comes in an away of colours, and remains available online for £89.95.  And as with any winter beach walk the pair wore their famous Wellies.  Kate’s pair are the Ladies Chasseur boots available online for £299.00.

I still don’t really want Wellies, even the though the pair are bringing them back into style… but I sure do want a puppy 🙂