Well… 2011 is done, and with that I wanted to look back on some of the amazing fashions worn by The Duchess of Cambridge over the past year.

While many people within the high fashion world have continued to put down Kate’s style, saying she is no fashion icon and makes boring choices… I think they are all full of it!  Recently, Reiss announced their profits had DOUBLED last year many thanks to The Duchess and her ability to sell out their stock in minutes and crash their website.  I would like to see Vivienne Westwood do that!

Arguably the best dress of 2011 for Kate (and maybe the world) was her custom Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen Wedding Gown.

I could talk about this one forever.  Classic, beautiful and copied the world over…this dress was part of one of the most famous moments in time.  This dress will be emulated, talked about and displayed for many years to come.

Obviously I could talk about Kate and her fashion all day, hence the blog!  However I have decided to put together my Top 10 favourites for the year!


May – Meeting President Obama and The First Lady, Reiss
The dress that stopped the internet!!! Every woman (myself includes) wanted (and still wants!) this dress.  This dress ticks all the right boxes: feminine, sophisticated, classic and because of the colour you could pair it with anything and everything.

June – Epsom Derby, Reiss
AS a girl who enjoys a day out at the races, I know how difficult it can be to get ready!  This look is simple and classic for a day at the races.  I find this look made her seems  bait older (I think because the hair is up) but still stunning.   The dress was from Reiss (and of course dolls out) and the jacket by Joseph.  There is nothing more classic then a beautiful white ensemble.  And the above I think is the perfect illustration of that.

June: ARK Gala Dinner, Jenny Peckham
The Duchess sure does love Jenny Peckham.  This dress is glamour and fabulous!  Beautifully fitted and perfect for the occasion, we don’t often see The Duchess is many evening gowns, but she never disappoints.  My favourite part of this one were the L.K. Bennett Agata Sandals she was wearing… hands down my favourites shoes, I just wish she would wear them more, many something for the spring and summer months!

June: Trooping The Colour, Alexander McQueen
For the official celebrations of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, The Duchess looks smashing in another Alexander McQueen creation.  The coat of course sold out of record time online after she wore it, and the hat was reused a few months later at a friends wedding.  Just another simple and classy look

June: The Garter Ceremony, Katherine Hooker and Rachel Trevor-Morgan 
The reactions of people within the fashion is world for this one was “why does she dress so old fashion”, “there’s no style to this, it’s boring”.  This look is not boring… it is elegant, remember… the way women used to dress before the skirts got so short and tops got so low!  This is my favourite.  Love the gray, love the hat and love the jacket.

June – North American Tour Ottawa, Erdem
Not only was it an extremely intelligent choice (wearing Erdem a Canadian designer) it is beautiful!  I often say I think she wears too match navy (and I do… she does not too much navy!) this dress was stunning.  The lace added a lady-like charm without seeming too formal and the nude accessories added a simplicity that made everyone want to emulate this look.

July – North American Tour Ottawa, Reiss
Recycling one of her most famous dresses, The Duchess looked the part for Canada Day in Ottawa.  There was mixed criticism on this outfit (mainly about the hat and shoes) but on Canada Day, and in Ottawa… this was perfect!  Kate looked elegant, but still a bit fun!  The other great aspect of the outfit was the fact that The Duchess was proving to the world that is ok to wear the same thing twice.  Women cannot afford to have new dresses and styles everyday, and Kate is making this completely social acceptable (as it should be!)

July – North American Tour Ottawa, Catherine Walker
The best part of this one was the shoes!  We’re used to seen plain / single toned shoes on The Duchess, but these shoes designed by Tabitha Simmons added some flair to the gorgeous Catherine Walker dress.

July – North American Tour California, Jenny Peckham
There’s not much to say about this floral spring dress, it is so great!  Like many women, I have bought many floral print spring dress to emulate this classic look.  Love the nude shoes, love the spring chic look.  She looks so glamorous and so comfortable at the same time.

December – Gary Barlow Concert, Zara
I love this one because it’s just a little bit shorter than we are used to seeing on The Duchess but still amazing.  Another lace piece with black stockings meant Kate looked fun without compromising on the elegance.

December – Sun Military Awards, Alexander McQueen
Last, but certainly not least (mainly because of all the diamond!) is this  beautiful Alexander McQueen black velvet dress teamed with lost of diamonds! Said to be a gift from a family friend for her wedding, Kate sparkled with the necklace, bracelet and earrings.  There is something to be said for pairing a “plain”  black dress with diamonds… absolutely stunning!

If anyone was keeping track… yes that was 11.  What can I say, I got carried away!!!

Like all woman in the world, Kate is not perfect with fashion either!  And, I’m sure that if someone took photos of me every time I went out this year… I would have made several mistakes 🙂  And while this is only one persons opinion, there were a few looks this year that didn’t really work.

July: Visiting Prince Edward Island, Alexander McQueen
While The Duchess usually wears McQueen very well… I found this one to have an older/boring look to it.  I appreciate the nautical theme while visiting the island, but I found it a bit dated and just generally not a fit with the rest of her style. For the record… I don’t like this look of Sarah Jessica Parker either!

August: Visiting Birmingham After the Riots, Alexander McQueen
I have already had my rant about this outfit… too much of the military trend together!  The shirt is great, the skirt is lovely… but together it’s too much of a good thing!

September: Wedding of Harriet Colthurst and Thomas Sutton, Colette Dinnigan
Don’t get me wrong… I love the dress!  I just don’t understand why her hat and shoes don’t match.  I think, if she wore her standard LK Bennett nude platforms, and a hat with a bit more body and punch… this look would have completely worked!

November: Buckingham Palace Reception, Mulberry
Honestly… didn’t like anything about this look!  I appreciate the change to the regular colours and styles The Duchess wears, but unfortunately for me… this Mulberry just did not work

And there you have it!

All the best for 2012!!!