The Duchess of Cambridge’s Wedding Dress display at Buckingham Palace this past summer is rumoured to have raised nearly £10 million.

The summer display saw over 600,000 people visit Buckingham Palace to look at the most famous wedding gown on the planet!  The previous record was set in 1994 (when The Palace was first opened to the public – helping to pay for damages brought about in the Windsor Castle fire) with 420,00 visitors .

While The Palace has not released an ‘official’ figure for the amount of money raised by exhibition, but if you do the math “it would equate to £10.5m worth of sales at the full ticket price of £17.50”.  Then there is always the gift shop purchases!

The exhibition lasted for 10 weeks, and officially closed last Monday.

According to The Telegraph “most of the money raised will go to the Royal Collection, which maintains the thousands of paintings and other treasures at the Royal palaces, but a slice of the money will go to charity, in accordance with the wishes of the Duchess”.

I still think the display was a bit creepy, but nevertheless a lot of money was raised for very important causes.  And even though I wasn’t the displays biggest fan… if I was anywhere near London (or Europe for that matter!) during the summer, I would have been in a heartbeat!!!