Although this story has absolutely nothing to do with Kate Middleton, I felt the need to share as it’s not everyday the Queen comes to visit us here in Australia!

Along with almost every other Commonwealth Head of State, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will be coming to Australia for CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) which runs from October 28th to 30th in Perth, Western Australia.

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The couple will land in Canberra on October 19th, before going to Brisbane, Melbourne and finally Perth to attend to the meeting before leaving on October 29th

Not to sure why Sydney got left out!!! Oh well, at least we won’t suffer the mass road closures and security barriers around the city!

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have visited Australia 16 times, the last time in 2006.

Prince William did come over for a visit earlier this year (4 weeks prior to his wedding and without Kate!) after the massive floods and Cyclone Yasi devastated a large portion of Queensland.  The Prince travelled across the state meeting officials, volunteers and survivors of the floods and cyclone for a few days in late March and then made his way to Victoria.  In On February 7, 2009 the state of Victoria was devastated by the Black Saturday bushfires which killed 173 people, Prince William met with firefighters, rescue workers survivors and volunteers across many of the rural towns hit by the fires.

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To donate to The Queensland’s Government Disaster Relief Appeal, please click here
To donate to The Black Saturday Volunteer Recovery Fund, please click here

Not my typical posts on fashion and style, but nonetheless a very newsworthy and important post!