According to The Daily Mail, The Duchess of Cambridge has been attending private lessons at St. James’s Palace to ensure “she has a thorough knowledge of the Establishment”

According to Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter for The Telegraph “The Duchess has been given a series of private briefings on the workings of Britain’s national institutions to groom her for a lifetime of Royal duties”.

Kate will learn more about the arts, media and government within Britain in order to prepare her for decades of service and duties to in institutions and people.  Her husband, Prince William, believes firmly in the lessons at St. James’s Palace as he knows first hand the stresses of the job and doesn’t want his wife suffering in the same way his mother Princess Diana did.

Sounds like a great idea to me, with such an important high profile role that she will play throughout Britain and indeed the world, who wouldn’t want to be fully prepare and have every little bit of knowledge possible!

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