I read somewhere once that the average woman owns 50 pairs of shoes!  I’m sad to say that I am below average…but am working hard to become well above average!

Kate made many women jealous during her 9 day North American tour with the variety of shoes she had.  While we saw some more then others, they were all spectacular!  My only comment here is that it’s the middle of summer in Canada and the US, a few more sandals or peep toes would have been nice!

The trip started leaving London in the Calogera show by Manolo Blahnik

Once she arrived in Ottawa, it was a quick change into her trusty LK Bennet Sledge2 Pumps (we saw these a lot!)

 Later that night she changed again into her Peid A Terre Imperia Shoe

For Canada Day in Ottawa we saw the only appearance of her Albini Square Cut Court red heels.

July 2nd saw some more royal duties around Ottawa, and my favourite shoes of the whole tour!  Tabitha Simmons designed these gorgeous silver pumps for the Fall/Winter 2011 Line.

Next stop was Quebec City and another appearance of the LK Bennett Sledge2 Pumps

Upon arrival in Prince Edward Island, Kate slipped into beautiful nude Jimmy Choos.  The ‘Lovely” Stiletto will make one more appearance during the tour!

While in PEI the Duke and Duchess took part in a Dragonboat Race.  This was the first time we saw The Duchess in flats during the tour, her Sebago Bala boat dock shoes.

After PEI it was off to The North-West Territories, and a more casual look with another appearance of Kate’s trusted wedges!  Her Peid A Terre Imperia Shoes have been a staple in her wardrobe long before this tour.

Still in NWT the casual Sebago Bala boat dock shoes came out again!

Last outfit in NWT was a bit more formal and paired with the LK Bennet Sledge2 pumps.

An unscheduled stop in Slave Lake (to visit the residents affected my the fires earlier this year) marked the last appearance of the Peid A Terre Imperia Shoes.

Next stop Calgary! And more LK Bennett Sledge2 Pumps!

And while in Calgary one obviously needs to wear cowboy boots!  Kate choose the Vegas Setter style boot from R. Soles

Kate left Canada in what seems to be her favourite shoe, the LK Bennet Sledge2 Pumps. This was the last time we saw the pumps on tour

Hello California!  Kate landed in LA with her ‘Lovely’ Nude Jimmy Choo Stilettos.

Next stop was the Polo, where we finally saw a peep-toe shoe!  The LK Bennett Silver Cross Strap Sandal in nude looks to be the perfect summer accessory for any occassion

And…last but certainly not least is another Jimmu Choo.  For the BAFTA Gala The Duchess went glam in her Alexander McQueen and the Vamp Glitter Sandal in Champagne by Jimmy Choos

For those of you keeping track… yes, we are missing a shoe!

The navy pumps worn on the evening of Canada Day with the Purple Issa Dress, and in PEI with the nautical themes Alexander McQueen.  These ones have not been identified yet!!!